Kristin DeMarco

Kristin has been teaching yoga and pilates since 2005, and is the proud front woman of Parish Pilates & Yoga.  Integrating equipment pilates with a dedicated yoga practice has been an invaluable tool to live life to the absolute fullest for Kristin, and as such led to the inception of Parish P&Y.  Kristin has studied with a wide variety of internationally respected teachers, and has developed a unique personal style from this education; she draws deeply on the anatomical structure and function of the body in her teaching. In her classes you can expect a dynamic and powerful practice, building strength and flexibility to live better and longer.  In addition to teaching yoga and pilates, Kristin is a coastal ecologist studying the impacts of climate change on estuaries. 

Style: Creative funky flow,  integration of multiple methods of physical and mental exercise techniques, Ashtanga based vinyasa

Training: Pilates BASI Method, Ashtanga  and Vinyasa Yoga, RYT 200hr


Jean Chou

Jean has been teaching fitness since 2011. Before that, she grew up swimming and then played water polo and rowed in college in Texas. She still currently swims with a masters group for “fun.” Her background is in barre where she focused on precise moves and exercises to tone and isolate muscle groups. She brings that same attention to her mixed classes using the TRX straps and springboards. Jean sees exercise as a lifelong endeavor and wants to help her students challenge their fitness without injuring their bodies.


Haley Drago

Haley is a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher and has been teaching yoga since 2012. She is currently completing her RYT Children’s Yoga Certification with an emphasis on Children with Special Needs and her 500 hour Pilates Certification. In addition, Haley is a Certified Health Coach and has a B.A. in Mass Communication from LSU. She has always had a passion for health and wellness, but truly saw its impact when her mom was battling Colon Cancer. Not only did she use diet and yoga to help herself during a time of great stress, but she also used it to help her mom as she won her fight against cancer. Being able to share her passion for overall wellness brings Haley great joy. Outside of yoga and health coaching Haley enjoys hiking and traveling with her husband and their three dogs.


M'Lynn Ganey

Born and raised in Baton Rouge. Graduated from Louisiana State University in 2016 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology. Pilates interest stemmed from a dance background and a back injury in 2014. When she saw what Pilates can do for strengthening and healing, she was hooked.

M’Lynn completed her Pilates Instructor certification through BASI and also attended other BASI courses including Pilates and Shoulder Injuries, Unwinding Scoliosis, and Innovations in Pilates Reformer.

Teaching style is Contemporary Pilates with a focus on safety and proper body mechanics.


Rachelle Hill

Rachelle is a licensed Physical Therapist who specializes in working with runners and athletes. There's a lot more to say about Rachelle, so a full bio is coming soon!


Greg Johnson

Born and raised in Appalachian coal country in eastern Kentucky, Greg began practicing Iyengar based yoga in Michigan in 2008 during grad school. He enjoys the slow burn in maintaining a pose and the practice and repetition required to "be" in a pose. It didn’t take long before this gym junky was converted. After moving to Brooklyn, NY in 2014, he began practicing Dharma Yoga. He even ventured into the city a few times to take classes from Sri Dharma Mittra himself. In 2015, He was hired to teach Linguistics at LSU and he quickly found a home practicing at Puruša Yoga. He practiced there through the transition to Parish Pilates and Yoga. In Louisiana, Greg learned to appreciate Ashtanga Yoga and the rigidity of the primary series. In the summer of 2017, He attended Yoga for Athletes training at Carboro Yoga Company in North Carolina. He aims to blend all of his yoga experience into a practice that pushes students mentally and physically and leaves them feeling better than when they started. 


Andrew Linton

(Andrew decided to go rogue and wrote his bio in first person. We love and respect all rogues over here.)

Yoga, over the course of over 10 uninterrupted years has been an integrative practice of the physical, mindful, and spiritual means. 

Having completed the Advanced A series of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Method. I’ve spent my remaining time making congruency of the Eastern Philosophical doctrines I've studied with the Western Sensibilities which I inhabit.

I keep returning to the work of yoga to share in its brilliance not only to light my own path, but in hopes for the entire human community to view the majesty that lies within each of us.  And it is this very work of yoga that will continues to deepen our relationships, keeping our bonds strong but light, making the infinite become possible. 

Oh yea, I play rocking music and encourage you to meet your potential in each moment! Come practice with me!


Emily Mayo

Emily began practicing Pilates in 2009, and has been a certified instructor since 2011. She loves to run, swim and do an occasional triathlon, and she finds that Pilates is a great way to strengthen and stretch while improving muscular imbalances. She enjoys learning and teaching how Pilates benefits all types of athletes by improving performance and preventing injury.

Certification: PHI Pilates with continued education practice in Pilates for Athletes and Pilates for Scoliosis


Alan Rada

Alan Rada was first introduced to yoga in 2013 through group fitness courses at LSU. He was initially drawn to yoga as a way to improve flexibility but after a bout of severe depression he came to the conclusion that the greatest benefit of practicing yoga lies in it's emotional and psychological effects. His experience fighting depression inspired Alan to complete his 200 RYT through Yoga Alliance. Since 2015 he has been faithfully sharing yoga classes of varying styles and difficulties to the local Baton Rouge community.

Alan sees yoga as a method to achieve positive transformations by supporting the relationship between our inner and outer selves.  Alan is known for his original, down to earth teaching style and his engaging yet goofy personality.
A free spirit, core junky, acro monkey, and music enthusiast. Alan enjoys spending his spare time cooking, reading, working up a sweat, and drinking rye whiskey at the local bar.


Megan Roberts

Meg Roberts is a 500hr RYT, trained by Peach Friedman. She just moved to Baton Rouge from Alabama, where she had been teaching for two years. She has a background in gymnastics and has been studying the body all her life. Her teaching focuses on fostering connection. She uses precise alignment to deeply connect students to their bodies and their practice.


Josh Wartelle

Joshua has been teaching in multiple Baton Rouge settings since 2015, encouraging students to find an accessible creative flow while listening and exploring their bodies.

His teaching represents his own continual learning, combining multiple yoga styles, alternate forms of movement and strength training – while maintaining mindful stretching.


Mollie Wisner

Mollie says: I love the exploration of body, breath, and spirituality that the practice of yoga and meditation has integrated into my daily life.  There is mystery in everything and everyone and yoga put me more in touch with what a beautiful gift life is, to find that mystery and just appreciate.  I have been fortunate to have amazing teachers to foster my practice, both the physical and mental.  It is an honor to get to share the experience of yoga with the community and to keep practicing, learning, and breathing every day!  

Mollie has been teaching yoga in Baton Rouge for many years and is currently completing her Ashtanga Teacher Training training.