Private Sessions

Parish Pilates & Yoga offers private pilates equipment sessions using the reformer, cadillac, wunda chair, and springboards as well as private yoga sessions. Private sessions are excellent for folks recovering from injuries, have special physical needs, or just need a little bit more individual attention.  Your trainer will tailor each session to suit your needs and work to meet your individual goals. Call or email us to set up an appointment.


Single Session - $70

First-timer 3 pack - $170  

($57 per session)

4 Session Package - $260

($65 per session) 

8 Session Package - $480

($60 per session)



Single session - $100

($50 per person per session)

First-timer 3 pack - $260

($42 per person per session)

4 Session Package - $360

($45 per person per session)

8 Session Package - $640

($40 per person per session)





Physical Therapy 

Parish has teamed with Rachelle Hill of Flex BR to meet all your physical therapy needs. Integrating the pilates equipment into traditional physical therapy techniques creates functional based movement patterns to treat the whole person, not just an injury or a symptom. Rehabilitation based pilates instruction is an active way to recover from injuries and correct muscular imbalances to improve athletic performance and physical health while learning to really listen to your body.


Pilates as Preventative Medicine

Say it with us, "Pilates is not just about abs". Pilates is about taking care of yourself and being healthy. Back pain is the most common health complaint in the United States, and you guessed it, PILATES REALLY HELPS. Consistent pilates practice will strengthen all the muscles of the core – the spine, the hips, and the abdominal muscles. Taking an active interest in your physical health will make you more resistant to the effects of aging, childbirth, and the demands of life in general. Take charge of your health to improve your quality of life and book a session now!


Yoga for Health

One of the simplest explanations for the practice of yoga is that yoga is a system for self care. Developing an intelligent yoga practice cares for the mind, the body, and can literally change the way we live day to day. We get it, that's harder than it sounds and jumping into a yoga class can be a little scary. Or maybe you want some privacy and individual attention. So we are here for you. Whether you need a basics instruction to get started or have special needs, we've got you covered.